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Phoenix's TGen is looking for participants in a nationwide study of long-term COVID in young people

The study aims to uncover the potentially long-term consequences COVID has on physical and mental abilities in younger populations, that's poorly understood.

PHOENIX — Arizona scientists are joining a nationwide study on COVID-19 and children.

The researchers at TGen are focusing on long-term COVID and its effects on some of our youngest populations.

The game-changer study is impactful for young people because more than 30 percent of new COVID-19 cases are in children and young adults, TGen said.

The Phoenix-based organization's role will be in the part of the study including infants through adults age 25. TGen said the potentially long-term consequences COVID-19 has on physical and mental abilities in younger populations is poorly understood. So, they're joining a team of researchers, universities and hospitals in this recovery initiative. It's sponsored by the National Institutes of Health

A couple of interesting new elements in this particular research is the beginning of the Mind-Crowd Project and the launching of mobile laboratories. The online memory test is 10 minutes and designed to understand how the brain ages. The mobile labs are set to help increase research participation in our community. 

Matt Huentelman, a TGEN Professor of Neurogenomics, explained some areas the study may examine. 

“Look at some of the molecules in your body, look at some of your risk factors related to your age or other diseases you might have," Huentelman said. "But there will also be other types of tests that might look at your heart function, your lung function and even your brain function."

Huentelman added the final study design is still in the works and recruitment is happening now. 

TGen said they're looking for different kinds of participants.

“Those include people who have recovered as normal from COVID, but also the long COVID patients who might be experiencing long COVID right now," he said. "And those who have had it in the past and know they would be characterized as a long COVID patient.”

Coronavirus in Arizona

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