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Phoenix City Council meeting to discuss 'essential services' list canceled

The meeting was canceled, according to a spokesperson for the mayor's office.

PHOENIX — It is something many have wondered about as communities across Arizona have begun to shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak: What should be considered an "essential service?" What jobs are vital to keeping people safe and healthy?

Phoenix City Council was expected to address this issue during a meeting on Wednesday afternoon before it was canceled, according to a spokesperson for the mayor's office.  

The essential job or services list came with Governor Doug Ducey's executive order, put in place in late March, to combat the spread of coronavirus.  

The order says an essential service is one “that promotes the public health, safety and welfare of the state or assists others in fulfilling such functions." 

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The list of essential services has been criticized for including services that some feel are not needed at this time. Viewers have reached out to 12 News questioning why golf courses are considered essential services specifically.  

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Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego tweeted after a stay-at-home order was put in place on Monday, "This order is insufficient if he (Ducey) does not narrow his list of 'essential' services. Essential services during #COVID19 are not golf and beauty salons."

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