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Guns and ammo flying off of store shelves during outbreak

Grocery stores aren't the only places trying to keep up with skyrocketing demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

GLENDALE, Ariz — Toilet Paper. Hand Sanitizer. Meat. Eggs.

Guns and ammo?

As folks hoard supplies at the grocery store, gun and ammunition stores are also having trouble keeping store shelves full of product.

Howie Glaser owns United Nations Ammunition Company in Glendale. He told 12 News his website has been shut down by a sudden spike in demand and that he has seen a line out of his front door for five consecutive days. It’s all because of the virus.

“When businesses are shutting down in America and things are going bad, businesses like these are able to make their margins,” Glaser said. “Prices do escalate because [guns and ammunition are] a commodity like gold, silver, and the stock market.”

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Arturo Martinez spent his whole day Friday looking for handgun ammunition.

“This is my fourth – fifth? – it’s four or five,” Martinez trailed off, thinking. “Yeah, this is the fifth store I’ve been to today.”

Moments later, Martinez left Healy Arms in Tempe empty-handed.

“There’s nothing left on the shelves right now,” Martinez said before going in. After walking out he added, “Zero. They have nothing. Maybe tomorrow; they get deliveries throughout the day.”

Gun and ammunition stores do sell other things. Conrad Johnson walked out of Healy’s with a knife and an extended clip for one of the handguns he already owns. He tried to buy a third gun, but he could only put his name on a waiting list.

“I think it instills fear into everyone. People feel that they need to protect themselves and their families,” Johnson said. “Especially when they’re going out and there’s no longer a surplus of toiletries and items they need for everyday life.”

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