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Giving birth during Covid-19 doesn't have to be scary

Medical professionals in the valley give expectant mothers tips for preparing for labor and keeping themselves and their babies healthy

PHOENIX — Elyssa Metas, a local OBGYN from Valleywise Medical Health Center, that there are ways to take precautions during the Covid-19 outbreak. Mothers specifically can protect themselves and their babies during pregnancy amidst the pandemic.

"We're still interacting with them on a regular basis, when they're admitted to the hospital, we're still enjoying these special moments in life," Dr. Metas said.

She adds, with so much stress already weighing on the world, medical staff is trying to help expectant mothers to feel calm and cared for.

"We really just encourage questions, talking with your health care provider, we review things to do to prevent contracting the virus," she told 12News.

Dr. Metas says a lot of prevention goes back to the basics:

- wear a mask to protect yourself

- wash your hands

- avoid crowds and even people you don't live with.

"If you start showing signs and symptoms of the virus your physician can help arrange for you to get tested for the virus, really should only go to the hospital if you have dangerous symptoms, those would be difficulty breathing, confusion, not being able to eat or drink and things like that," Dr. Metas said.

While more studies need to be done to determine the dangers behind giving birth while sick with Covid-19, Dr. Metas says hospital staff is stepping up for their safety.

"We are doing universal screening on every mother that gets admitted, to labor and delivery this will tell us whether or not they have coronavirus upon admission," she said.

Plus, patients will be allowed one person to be there to lend support during their labor and delivery.

"At our hospital, we're allowing a support person to be there to share that joy with the delivering mom," she said.

The goal is to give moms, a clean safe haven, to confidentially get through a critical moment while still making a memorable experience for both mother and baby.

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