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Gilbert woman says she tested positive for coronavirus

"I went back to the hospital. They refused to admit me," Deb Van Houten said.

GILBERT, Ariz. — A woman out of Gilbert tested positive for Coronavirus and had what can be fairly described as chaotic medical experience.

Today -- she Facetimed with Team 12's Matt Yurus to share her story.

Deb Van Houten of Gilbert learned she contracted coronavirus Friday, March 20. 

Four days after she was tested. She described the process as chaotic. 

Deb Van Houten: "I went to the hospital. They admitted me then they sent me home. My primary care physician said you need to be in the hospital. You have pneumonia. This is where you need to be. They need to monitor you. I went back to the hospital. They refused to admit me. They sent me back home. The doctors then continued to fight with each other." 

Deb believes she caught Coronavirus flying to New York on March 6. 

There, she met her daughter, who is a student in Seattle, an area hit particularly hard. 

Keep in mind this is days before the realities of coronavirus's impact set in on America.

The pair took in a number of shows and came in close contact with countless people. 

"In the meantime now, I just still have a really deep cough, and um intermittent fever and just tired and weakness," she said.

As for her daughter, she is fine and quarantined at their Gilbert home. But the pair are on lockdown until Deb is symptom-free for seven days. 

The virus must run its course.

"That's the bad part. Is it's kind of a lonely...a lonely disease.," Deb said with a reserved smile

An important final note -- Deb's initial symptoms did not include a fever. 


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