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COVID-19 in Arizona: Current case counts for the week of Jan. 3

We continue to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases in Arizona and share updates on any developments. This is the latest update for the week of Jan 3, 2022.

ARIZONA, USA — The number of coronavirus cases in Arizona is on the rise once again. We continue to track updates on any developments regarding COVID-19. 

Here’s a breakdown of the case numbers for the week of Jan. 3 and other updates on the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Daily update on COVID-19 cases in Arizona

Each day, we will post the updated numbers for daily coronavirus cases and other important metrics in this section. Please check this article for updates throughout the week.

Here are the coronavirus case and death updates in Arizona for the week of Jan. 3:

Friday, Jan. 7: 14,888 new cases, 30 new deaths and 1,445,129 total cases.

Thursday, Jan. 6: 10,679 new cases, 16 new deaths and 1,430,241 total cases.

Wednesday, Jan. 5: 7,749 new cases, 61 new deaths and 1,419,562 total cases.

Tuesday, Jan. 4: 7,212 new cases, 154 new deaths and 1,411,813 total cases.

Monday, Jan. 3: 14,192 new cases, 0 new deaths and 1,404,601 total cases. The cases total is large partly due to cases not being reported on New Year's Day, ADHS said. However, the recent days show a Cases by Day curve much larger than any days in the past 6 months at around 8,600.

COVID-19 vaccine updates

Here are a few recent stories on the developments regarding coronavirus vaccinations.

On Wednesday, Arizona State University’s Dr. Joshua LaBaer, executive director of the ASU Biodesign Institute held a briefing on COVID in Arizona. Here are the updates that were given. 

  • The omicron variant is overwhelmingly taking over the amount of COVID cases in Arizona. Over 90% of the cases in the state are from the omicron variant. 
  • There has been a large number of breakthrough cases regarding omicron, leading health experts to believe that the first two doses of the vaccine are not enough to provide protection. 
  • Protection from COVID goes from 25% with just the first two vaccination doses to over 75% with the booster shot, studies have shown. 
  • Treatment options for the omicron variant are not as good as treatment for the delta variant. Due to this, people should be focused on preventing becoming infected, LaBaer said. 
  • About 65-66% of Arizonans are fully vaccinated while that state's booster rate is at only 30%. 
    • With these figures it can be concluded that the severity of the virus may not reach high levels in the state with so many vaccinated, however, because so little have the booster shot, the number of those infected will rise, LaBaer said.


Coronavirus in Arizona news

We’ve curated the latest news surrounding the COVID-19 cases in Arizona and compiled important information for our readers. Here are a few headlines.

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