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Arizona medical expert answers your questions on COVID-19

Dr. Frank LoVecchio of Valleywise Health Medical Center joined Today In AZ on Wednesday morning to answer your questions on COVID-19.

PHOENIX — As COVID-19 cases continue to surge across Arizona, 12 News brought in an expert to answer your questions. 

And it all unfolded on the Today In AZ newscast. Team 12’s Matt Yurus reports on what we learned. 

“I think we are seeing multiple factors: One, we are getting pandemic fatigue," Dr. Frank LoVecchio of Valleywise Health Medical Center said. 

He was discussing why COVID-19 cases continue to climb. Another reason, the doctor said, is we don’t have a vaccine yet.  

"And until there is a vaccine, it is going to be unsafe," LoVecchio said, "unless we practice...social distancing, hand washing, staying away from people who are very vulnerable."

When it comes to holiday travel, the doctor said flying itself is low risk. 

“It turns out that the airlines have these filters," LoVecchio said, "that trap 99.9% of the virus when it goes through. 

"Also, every time you’re on a plane, every three minutes or so you’re breathing new air. So, air is constantly recirculated and much of the air is thrown outside."

However, LoVecchio cautioned that getting on the flight itself forces you to interact with countless people. 

Plus, once you arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, the close quarters present the potential for a spreader event. 

“Please stand apart, limit the time that you spend together, don’t share utensils, and be very, very careful with people who are at risk,” the doctor recommended.

Finally, the million-dollar question: Will COVID-19 end in 2021? The short answer, no.

"Once COVID-19 jumped from bats to humans, it’s never going away, unfortunately," LoVecchio said. 

"It’s always going to be with us. So it’s a matter of us controlling it."

Again, the doctor says the only way to control it is with a vaccine, but there is strong reason to believe that is just months away. 

Watch Dr. Frank LoVecchio with Valleywise Health Medical Center answer all of your COVID-19 questions below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. 


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