School district officials in Mesa are warning parents of a hoax circulating throughout the community that claimed some students have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. 

In a letter to parents that was posted to Facebook on Tuesday, Mesa Public Schools said there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the district. 

The screenshot of the hoax comes from an "undisclosed news station" and alleged that students at some Mesa public schools were diagnosed with the pneumonia-like virus from China. 

"Please be assured there are NO confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Mesa Public Schools," part of the post read. 

"If that should change, you will be informed directly by the district or your school, not by a third-party source. It remains safe to attend school and on-campus events."

There has been one confirmed case of coronavirus in Arizona, and the patient was from the Arizona State University community, state health officials announced on Sunday. 

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The school district encouraged parents to not spread the unfounded rumors and prevent the spread of respiratory viruses by washing their hands, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, avoid close contact with others who are sick and to take proper precautions, like staying home, when you are sick. 


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