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Fit for Life Part III: 3 tips to make meal planning a success

Fitness expert Chris Powell said meal planning is a huge part of being physically fit.

PHOENIX — We hear a lot about meal planning, sometimes it can be boring, repetitive or time-consuming. So then we quit after a few weeks.  

I asked fitness expert Chris Powell about meal planning, and he said it's a huge part of being physically fit, adding, "When it comes to physical transformation and our overall health, I'm going to be so bold as to say that nutrition accounts for at least 80% of your success.  It is everything when it comes to losing weight, gaining weight, nourishing our body, even for our minds." 

Here are three easy ways Powell suggests to make meal planning a success:

Shop on a full stomach

Powell said not to grocery shop when you're hungry.  He said, "Because it's dangerous if you're hungry and you're shopping.

Another really cool tip is perhaps shop online, because all the grocery stores nowadays, they've got online where you just go and pick it up or they'll deliver. And that way you can stay out of the red zone; you're not going to be tempted by all these other things."

Have the right gear

Powell said, "When it comes to the gear, we're talking about just all right utensils, just to make the basics when it comes to food preparation."  Powell said you need to have the basic kitchen tools like a blender for shakes, a good set of knives, toaster and microwave.  But in addition to that, he believes it's a good idea to invest in a pressure cooker that can also double as a slow cooker.  He adds that it's also good to have an air fryer.

Prep twice a week

Powell said by prepping twice a week it'll save you time and money.   "I like to prep Sundays and Wednesdays, and I'm not just preparing for myself. I'm preparing food for my kids too. It takes me 15 minutes tops, and I got food for three days for my kids and me," said Powell. One of his family's favorite meals is chicken verde which only uses three ingredients. 

You can find the recipe and others on his app, "The Transformation App," as well as on his Instagram account @realchrispowell.

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