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'Girls Day Out' for cleft and craniofacial patients

These girls aren't hiding their facial differences—they're enhancing their beauty inside and out.

PHOENIX — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and let’s be honest. When you look good, you feel good.

To a young woman, that means more than just outer appearance; it can be a huge confidence booster.

The Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center in Phoenix held its sixth annual “Girls Day Out” on Monday. It’s a day for patients to get their hair and makeup done at The Root Salon.

“Our girls are born with cleft and craniofacial syndromes. They go through a lot medically. They've probably have had two to 10 surgeries in their lifetime,” said Lori Takeuchi, program coordinator with the Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center.

Eight young ladies who were born with facial birth defects got a chance to be pampered and shine thanks to the stylists at the Root Salon in Phoenix who donated their time.

“It can really make my day. It makes my week, honestly. It makes my month,” said Bella Montoya. “I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and pallet. When I was developing in the womb, part of my face didn't connect. I've had 13 surgeries to help repair it and now I'm living my life.”

Beauty is only skin-deep, and the girls aren't hiding their facial differences—they're enhancing their beauty.

“Celebrating our beauty and recognizing our true beauty doesn't come from our outside appearance. It comes from within. As long as we're confident in ourselves on the inside, we're going to radiate to the outside,” said Beatrice Berthiaume.

“I feel it raises my confidence. It makes me hold my head higher. I can go out and say, ‘My hair is done. I feel beautiful and confident,’” said Montoya.

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