HOUSTON – A little girl at the center of the child separation controversy on the border is back with her mother Friday morning.

They were reunited, in private, at Bush Intercontinental Airport. No cameras were allowed at that reunion, but 12 News sister station KHOU 11 News was told it happened in the early hours Friday morning, behind closed doors.

Cindy Madrid finally reunited with her 6-year-old daughter Alison after being separated for more than a month.

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They were quickly escorted away to a waiting car, but a news conference with them is expected later Friday.

Heartbreaking audio of Alison’s voice went viral from inside an immigrant shelter a few weeks ago.

The child could be heard saying in Spanish, "Are you going to call my aunt so she can come pick me up when I’m done eating?" A worker responded in Spanish, "I’ll come back when you get your food."

In Spanish, you hear Alison recite her aunt’s phone number that she had memorized. In the background of that tape you hear other children pleading for their parents.

Alison and her mom were separated after coming here from El Salvador to seek asylum. Their asylum claim was recently deemed credible which led to Cindy’s release Wednesday.

She talked to the media through her lawyer down in the Rio Grande Valley Thursday.

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“She was so emotional that's all she could talk about, obviously. It was the separation. She just described to me when I walked in there how it was. Her child's name was called out, she walked up to the officer and she literally handed over the child,” the lawyer said.

Alison was being held at a Phoenix facility. She was flown to Houston Thursday night, and her mother drove up from the Rio Grande Valley to meet her.