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Couple sues Theo Epstein four years after his dog allegedly peed all over their Paradise Valley home

A couple is suing Theo Epstein for more than $51,000 for alleged damages to their rental property following his 2015 spring training stay.
Credit: AP
Chicago Cubs president for baseball operations Theo Epstein speaks during a news conference for Game 3 of the Major League Baseball World Series against the Cleveland Indians, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

PHOENIX — A couple is suing the top decision-maker of the Chicago Cubs four years after his 2015 spring training stay allegedly caused major damages to their Paradise Valley home. 

John and Mary Valentino, a Pennsylvania couple who owns a home they would rent out in Paradise Valley, are suing Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein for $51,000 in damages. 

In a lawsuit filed last week, the couple returned to their home after Epstein's stay and discovered "a terrible odor and urine-stained carpeting." 

The lawsuit alleges Theo Epstein was aware his dog urinated throughout the house but hid the fact from the couple, before moving out without notice. 

According to the lawsuit, the couple claims Epstein's visit left a laundry list of 17 allegations of damage, including: 

1. Urine stains on the carpeting, which penetrated the pad and concrete slab.
2. Urine stains on the tile and stone flooring, which penetrated the grout.
3. Urine stains on numerous wood door jams and cabinets.
4. Urine stains on the leather and cloth furniture.
5. Stains on six high top dining chairs.
6. Drywall damage

The lawsuit includes a 2017 sports article as evidence. After Epstein was named the world's greatest leader, he reportedly texted ESPN's Buster Olney: "Um, I can't even get my dog to stop peeing in the house."

The lawsuit claims the Valentino's have attempted to contact the Epstein's about the damages after their 2015 stay, but the Epstein's did not respond and have not provided insurance information to the couple. 

12 News reached out to the Cubs organization Wednesday, which said they were not providing comment the lawsuit. However, the Cubs did say the reason the Epstein's left the home early was due to a scorpion infestation. 

The Cubs also provided a report from scorpion control company "Scorpion Sweepers," which said they found 45 Arizona Bark Scorpions on the property.

"These scorpions have clearly been living here for a long time and there is an established adult and juvenile scorpion population," the report said. 

Additionally, the Epstein's claim the stains at the home that the lawsuit alleges were caused by the dog were already there before their arrival. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, when asked about the lawsuit, Epstein said “As I said, we have no untouchables. Winston (Epstein's dog) is definitely available in the right trade.”

The Valentino's claim even after cleaning the house, it's still not fit for people to stay and have not been able to rent out the property since. 

We have reached out to Epstein and the Chicago Cubs for comment.

You can read the lawsuit below: