TORONTO – The brand-new second season of NBC’s show Taken will air Friday night at 8 p.m.

Back in August, I got the chance to visit the set while they were filming the fourth episode.

Our crew was able to participate in a caravan of make-up artists, production crew members, producers, the director and the actors.

The caravan was shooting a driving scene and we followed behind.

Every 5-10 minutes they would have to reset the scene. That was the time we could jump out of the vehicle and take a look at all the action.

The lead actor, Clive Standen, was in the passenger seat. His character was supposed to be in North Korea. Instead, we shot in a Canadian field.

We were able to talk to him after the shoot.

“Things never go smoothly for Brian Mills and that’s how we like it, because that’s where drama comes from. It comes from conflict,” he said.

He plays Brian Mills on Taken. The show is based on Liam Neeson’s famous character.

“Season 2 is off the wall,” Standen said. “The last season was very much an origin story with Brian Mills. It’s about indoctrinating him into the CIA and seeing how he got this particular set of skills, but now we have a new showrunner and his vision is very different than the last. It’s more focused on Brian Mills beginning to be this guy that you can connect to Liam Neeson’s character.”

Standen said he met with Neeson after accepting the role.

“He’s an idol of mine and they say never meet your idols,” he said, “but Liam has to be the exception to that rule.”

When he is not doing interviews, filming and performing incredible stunts, Standen is with his family.

“I have three children and a beautiful wife and they keep me sane and they keep me busy and I’m always playing catch-up,” he said. “This job can consume you and it can take a lot of time from you.”