With Beyoncé and Jay-Z bringing their international On the Run Tour II to State Farm Stadium in Glendale Wednesday night, the Arizona Department of Transportation's witty sign writers did what they do best.

Ever since the world was introduced to peas and guac above Arizona freeways, ADOT's freeway signs have been a staple for pretty much every big holiday, movie release and Phoenix concert.

They're creative, quirky and all about keeping the freeways safe.

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The department's latest freeway sign welcomes Queen Bey and Jay with a focus directed at drivers using their turn signals.

"Crazy in love with drivers who use turn signals," the sign reads, referencing the married hip-hop duo's massive hit.

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ADOT tweeted a photo of the sign, with another reference to another Beyoncé hit, "Irreplaceable".

"Be irreplaceable," ADOT tweeted. "Signal when changing lanes."