The spirit of Havasu Falls is as colorful as ever in Beyoncé's newly released music video for her song "SPIRIT" from Disney's "The Lion King," for a few shots at least.

Shots of Havasu Falls and a blue-dress wearing Beyoncé appear four separate times in the music video for a total of less than 10 seconds of screentime. The music video, which runs for a total of four minutes and 30 seconds, also features scenes from Disney's "The Lion King."

The amount of screentime for the beloved destination in Arizona continued the outrage for some that sparked when video and photos of the singer at the waterfall were released.

The singer reportedly shut down access to the waterfall for hours late last week while she shot scenes for the video.

A person in a Havasupai-discussion Facebook group posted, "For those few shots of the falls she ruined the day for many people?"

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But for all the outrage, others seemed to enjoy the video.

"Absolutely Beautiful," another person wrote in the group on Facebook. "I can’t wait to visit Arizona and the Falls."