TEMPE, Ariz.- Come this fall, students in some Arizona State University classes may actually be robots.

The Professional Flex MBA program at the W. P. Carey School of Business is offering new robots to help students in situations when they can’t avoid missing class, ASU announced on Thursday.

The administratiors of the part-time degree program said they saw the need for students to be able to attend class remotely because the students are working professionals, according to ASU News.

The three telepresence robots, named Carey, Sparky and Gizmo, will have rolling stands that hold tablets, allowing students to interact with the professor and the class without being physically present. Students of the Professional Flex MBA program can request to use the robot up to 10 times.

The remote students will us the speakers and microphone from the robot’s tablet to participate and their personal computers, tablets or iPhones to control the navigation of the robot.

The interactive robots are only offered to this ASU program at the time, but could this be the future of class attendance?