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What you need to know about the Arizona teacher walkout

From the reason behind the walkout to resources offered for families, here's everything you need to know.

Today marks the day Arizona teachers are officially set to walk out of the classroom until their demands are met.

Some of the biggest districts in Arizona have already announced closures leaving some parents scrambling to figure out what to do.

From the reason behind the walkout to resources offered for families, here's everything you need to know.

Teachers take part in march, rally

As part of their walkout on Thursday, teachers and support staff from across the state will take part in a march and rally through the streets of Phoenix.

Teachers will gather at Chase Field around 10 a.m. then walk to the Capitol building.

The route will wind through downtown Phoenix, going west on Jackson Street and north on 3rd Avenue before heading west again on Washington Street all the way to the State Capitol.

The rally is set to take place at 1:30 p.m.

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School districts are closing schools

Districts across the state have been preparing since educators announced they will walkout Thursday.

Many have already announced their plans to close, including some of the biggest districts in Arizona.

LIST: School districts expected to be closed Monday amid teacher walkouts

Some districts are still offering meals for students

Although many will close schools for the duration of the walkout, several districts will still offer meals for those students that depend on them.

St. Mary's Food Bank also said it was increasing food production by 25 percent to help families in need during the walkout.


Day camps for kids offered during walkout

With schools announcing closures for Thursday and Friday, there are probably many parents out there wondering what they're going to without a place to take their kids.

For those parents, multiple businesses have stepped up to provide enrichment programs during the walkout.


Arizona educators 'overwhelmingly support' walking out

According to Joe Thomas, the president of the Arizona Education Association, 78 percent of educators voted in favor of the walkout.

A member of AEA said there would be no limit on the length of the walkout.


However, the day before the scheduled walkout, 12 News learned the walkout could end by the weekend with a call for tax increases for schools.

Arizona educators received an online survey overnight Tuesday asking for their opinions on raising the income tax on high wage earners or boosting the state sales tax, with the proceeds going toward education.


Not just about raises

The the #RedForEd movement wants their demands met, but it's more than just raises for teachers.

Gov. Doug Ducey has proposed a 20 percent raise for educators by 2020, but teachers say that’s not all of their demands.

They want wage increases for support staff, restoration of education funding to the level it was in 2008 and no new tax cuts until the per-pupil spending reaches the national average.


School counselors are walking out too

According to a release from the Arizona School Counselors Association, 71 percent of its members voted to join the teacher walkout.

They're want to see a bump in salary for counselor and educational support staff.


Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas says teacher walkout is 'premature'

Douglas said public service workers or employees, in her opinion "should not strike."

She said a teacher strike in Arizona is unlawful and Arizona teachers could risk their jobs by striking.


Could Arizona teachers be fired for walking out?

There is just one Arizona legal opinion on the books about a teachers strike. It's 47 years old.

"Teachers are public employees, and that it is therefore unlawful for teachers to strike," the opinion says.

#RedForEd leaders appear to be aware of those risks.


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