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Valley art teacher asks community for help gathering funds for supplies

"We’re just looking for somewhere to give,” art teacher Carmen Bradford said.

PHOENIX — It’s been a year of changes for a Valley elementary school teacher who has spent most of her career teaching math, but this year she’s finding herself in a bind as she transitions to teaching art with limited resources.  

Now, teacher Carmen Bradford is asking the community for help so her students have the general art materials they need to succeed.  

Bradford teaches K through 6 art at Davidson Elementary School in Phoenix.  

Teaching virtually for now, she’s seen firsthand how the coronavirus has impacted teachers and students.  

“It’s been interesting, to say the least,” she said.  

Recently, Carmen started a project called ‘Creating Art Through a Pandemic’ to request much-needed material through DonorsChoose.org. The crowdfunding platform works to empower public school teachers across the country.  

“Even when we do go back to school, we’ll still need enough materials,” said Bradford. “Students still probably won’t be able to share those materials, so that’s why I created that project to kind of fill up more of the supplies that we have.”  

Carmen wants to make sure her students are equipped with art supplies like multi-cultural crayons and markers.  

“Different shades of crayons for different skin tones,” she said.  

Her project is gaining traction. 

“I had a generous donor… they’re anonymous usually, who was matching every donation that was given, which was great,” Bradford said.  

One of the donors? Her mom Cynthia. 

“It's a great way to support our teachers in the education of our students and I will continue to do so as long as I can,” her mom said.  

“It’s awesome when you see your friends and family supporting you and its awesome when you see random donors who are like, we’re just looking for somewhere to give,” Bradford said.  

Through this project, Carmen hopes to provide a wide range of materials for her art students, so they can express themselves through each masterpiece.  

“One thing at a time,” she said.  

You can donate to Ms. Bradford's cause here.

Help me give my students inclusive art materials that allow my students to be able to represent themselves in their work and general art supplies! This is a year of changes for me, a new school, a new content area, and a new way of teaching.

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