PHOENIX - Educators were already lining up at the Arizona Capitol early Friday morning for another day of the #RedForEd teacher walkout.

RECAP: Crowd of over 50,000 rallies at Capitol in support of Arizona teachers

For the second day in a row, a crowd of red shirts took over the State Capitol plaza demanding their voices be heard.

“No one thought we could do this yesterday and no one thought we could do it today and you did it,” Joe Thomas, Arizona Education Association president, said to the crowd of supporters.

To educators, it's more than just about teacher raises. Educators say they also want wage increases for support staff, restoration of education funding to the level it was in 2008 and no new tax cuts until the per-pupil spending reaches the national average.

"You are standing together and you are powerful," Thomas said. "We have to take the risk that it takes to get those demands met. Our cries for our students must be heard"

Ducey said Thursday he's committed to getting teachers a raise and "confident" he can do so. But as thousands marched on the Capitol Thursday, the Arizona Senate adjourned until Monday without a deal. Thomas said "they fled from red."

The Red for Ed movement said they're set to rally again at the Capitol on Monday.

“I think we have to come back down here Monday because they closed shop and ran from us yesterday,” Thomas said. "We have to show them they don’t get to run away from us. They have to be held accountable.”

The crowd of teachers and supporters cheered.