Out of the 50 United States, plus one district, Arizona ranks 51st for teachers, according to a new study.

Much of the problem for Arizona, in WalletHub's analysis, was based on student-teacher ratio. The study showed that Arizona has the third-highest current ratio and is projected to have the most students per teacher by 2024.

Another issue for the state, per the study, is that only Indiana, Utah and Idaho spend less money per student than Arizona does.

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Finally, Arizona isn't a very stable place for schoolteachers (and by extension, students); in fact, the analysis ranks our state second-highest in projected turnover.

Of course, this is nothing new -- for years, the Grand Canyon State has ranked near the bottom in plenty of K-12 education studies throughout the years.

Arizona's teacher shortage is no secret -- Gov. Doug Ducey championed and signed a bill to combat the shortage by lowering standards for second-career teaching candidates with experience in the field they'd be teaching.

But opponents argued lowering the standards would mean inefficient on-the-job training for the non-certified teachers wouldn't fix the root of the problem: That teacher pay is low and the job is difficult.

The bill passed both chambers of Arizona's state legislature and was signed by Ducey.