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Is your child’s school ready for the AI revolution? Arizona experts weigh in

Arizona Schools Superintendent Tom Horne told 12News he is urging educators to be vigilant about ways A.I. can be misused.

PHOENIX — The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) revolution poses new challenges and opportunities in the classroom. The U.S. Department of Education is providing guidance to schools and parents about the technology, and Arizona Schools Superintendent Tom Horne told 12News he is urging educators to be vigilant about ways A.I. can be misused.

“A.I. can be useful in some contexts such as preparing lesson plans, but we know for sure that A.I. will also produce false results, so educators need to be sure and check their facts,” Horne said in a written statement.

12News spoke with three experts about how A.I. tools like ChatGPT and Word Tune are impacting the learning environment. They also have advice for parents and educators. Watch the full panel discussion below.

Gabriela Rosu, Chandler-Gilbert Community College dean of instruction 

“Like the internet, but bigger”

“A.I. is like everything else. We have to embrace it and figure out how we use it for humankind’s benefit. At Chandler-Gilbert Maricopa (community colleges) https://www.cgc.edu/ we collaborated with Intel and we launched the first A.I. program https://www.cgc.edu/degrees-certificates#a-z in the country as an associate degree. These tools are like the internet, but bigger. It will be about the knowledge and how the faculty is leveraging it.”

Julia Meyerson, Vista College Prep Elementary School

“The personalization of learning”

“I think there is already so much opportunity as we think about specifically the personalization of learning. If we have a class doing high dosage tutoring, for example. A teacher is working one-on-one with three to four students. There’s another student using an avatar. The student is actually reading into a computer. The avatar is pausing the student, coaching them on their reading. So we’re getting an extra bang for our buck as we think about how the student is getting additional supports.”

Kyle Jensen, ASU director of writing programs

“Develop that core literacy”

“I’ve had actually more conversations about ChatGPT than just about anything lately. One of the things I tell people is we need to develop a kind of A.I. literacy. It’s not just about learning how to use the tools but we need to be proactive in learning how they work, to develop that core literacy. The applications that will be coming on the horizon will be built on that core logic.”

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