CHANDLER, Ariz. - Officers with the Chandler Police Department have recommended a woman face a charge of disorderly conduct after allegedly verbally threatening a group of 10-year-old girls attending a school dance at the Kyrene De Las Brisas Elementary School on Friday.

The documents identify Heather Lynn Buckman as the suspect who police also believe was intoxicated at the time because she smelled of alcohol and was slurring her speech.

The woman claims she was in a bathroom stall when a group of girls came in and allegedly began pouring out her can of Dr. Pepper, which she told police prompted her to yell out, "You better not touch my soda, or I'll get you."

Buckman told police she had recently lost a child and was under emotional stress, but thought attending the dance with her son would help ease her pain.

The girls told police they heard the woman yell out while she was in the stall and ran out of the bathroom and claim the woman found them later on and began chasing them and yelling obscenities.

A claim was also made that the school's principal acted inappropriately when she grabbed the wrists of a teen girl in an effort to diffuse a separate situation that occurred that same night. Officers determined the principal did not do anything wrong.

A note to parents was sent out by the principal the following day, confirming the police situation.

The Kyrene School District provided this statement to 12 News:

In response to your questions, Kyrene School District is successful because of our family and community partnerships, and we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all children.We followed our protocols of working with the City of Chandler Police when notifying the community. As per the Chandler Police, and confirmed in the police report, the principal did not make inappropriate contact. We do not have a record of Heather Lynn Buckman being a current or former employee; and, we have not received a report of any student injuries. When made aware of information that creates an unsafe environment, school officials follow our Governing Board Policy KFA Public Conduct on School Property and respond as appropriate.