PHOENIX – There are many ways to prepare school lunches, and every kid is different.

Whether they're picky eaters or allergic to certain foods, packing your kids' lunch might take a little planning on your part.

These are just some ideas or suggestions to make lunches fun or more convenient:

1. To save space, freeze a Hi-C or Capri Sun and use it as an ice pack. It will be thawed by lunch time.

2. Write messages using a toothpick on your child’s banana.

3. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun slices.

4. Make different sandwich wraps and cut the pieces into pinwheel size slices, then mix and match in your child’s lunch.

5. Use Tostitos Scoops to create a Taco Tuesday lunch. Put lettuce, tomato, cheese and ground beef in separate containers.

6. Try to set aside time on Sunday to meal prep with your kids and have them pick their lunch snacks.