Parents at an Anthem charter school are concerned after what the school called "inappropriate content" was shown during an art class.

Parents from Caurus Academy contacted 12 News, saying the school's art teacher at showed fourth-grade students a video that contained inappropriate images as they were learning about modern art.

The school emailed out a letter a day later, acknowledging "inappropriate content was unintentionally shared" during an art class. 

"The teacher has taken full responsibility for failing to preview the content prior to showing it in class," part of the letter read. 

Art letter from Caurus Academy
Letter from Caurus Academy
12 News

Caurus Academy's Executive Director Dameon Blair told 12 News an internal investigation was done and said the video was not approved by the organization. 

Blair called the video playing a "potential accident," adding there are "hundreds of videos of the artist and the wrong one was chosen."

Blair told 12 News disciplinary action was taken after their internal investigation. When asked to elaborate what kind of action, Blair wouldn't say, citing an HR concern.