The president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce has found himself in a bit of hot water with Arizona education advocates.

"It's amazing to me that the teachers' unions are out there like a bunch of crybabies screaming about the difficulty of getting additional pay to teachers," Glen Hamer told the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet Report.

Predictably, that doesn't sit well with those he was criticizing.

A recent study ranked Arizona dead last in the nation with regard to average teacher salary.

When 12 News' Brahm Resnik spoke to Hamer, he walked back the namecalling.

"I'll put myself in a little timeout for using a term I should not have used," he said.

But he said his argument remains -- he thinks teachers should not have supported Proposition 206, which raises the state's minimum wage and has increased costs for schools to employ aides.

Joe Thomas, the president of the Arizona Education Association, noted that Hamer makes seven times as much money as an average teacher.

"if the business community really thinks that teachers are a bunch of crybabies when we mention we're the lowest-paid teachers in the nation," Thomas said, "then I guess the message is really 'Shut up and teach.'"