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12 News A+ Teacher of the Week: Laura Quisberg from Laguna Elementary

A fun fact about Mrs. Quisberg: she usually shares a Pepsi with her students at the end of the year, which she affectionately calls "Grandma Juice."

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — In this week's 12 News A+ Teacher series, we share a sweet bond between a high schooler and the teacher she had in 5th grade.

This educator somehow seems to do it all while connecting with every student who walks into her class in her own special way. 

"I came to visit her before school started,” said Karlie Smith, now a senior at Desert Mountain High School. 

Smith recently made a surprise visit to Laguna Elementary School in Scottsdale to surprise her former 5th-grade teacher Laura Quisberg.  

"She was honestly one of the best teachers ever," Smith said, holding a special album Mrs. Quisberg made every student in hand. "It has all the work we did throughout the year in it…I'm excited!”  

When Mrs. Quisberg turned the corner and saw Smith, she was all smiles.

"Thank you!” Quisberg said. “Oh my gosh, I have the star student…there's nothing better."

Mrs. Quisberg is known for sending emails to her previous class every year on the first day of school to wish them luck and tell them she loves them.

"You are the most influential teacher I've ever had, and you deserve all the recognition in the world," Smith said.  


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Mrs. Quisberg has a way with students, but she also holds them to high expectations. 

“You always want them to be happy coming into the classroom and helping them succeed in any way you can,” she said.  

Laguna's principal and assistant principal just can't say enough about her. 

"I have four children who all came here,” said Krisse Kelly, assistant principal. “I love the school so much that I wanted to work here.”  

Kelly told us all her kids love Mrs. Quisberg.  

“She treats all of her kids with kindness and love, and she refers to them as our kids,” Kelly said.  

"She makes relationships and connections with kids, that as you can see… last for a very long time,” said Brooke Williams, principal.  

“We're very, very happy that we were able to celebrate her today," Kelly said.  

Mrs. Quisberg feels blessed as she starts this new school year.  

"Great way,” she said. “Starting my 40th year and this is what keeps you going." 

A fun fact about Mrs. Quisberg: she usually shares a Pepsi with her students at the end of the year, which she affectionately calls "Grandma Juice."  

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