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A new effort is underway to get more internet access for elementary-aged kids

The project hopes to shrink the digital divide and provide more internet access to those without it.

PHOENIX — Thirty percent of America’s students in families that make under $50,000 dollars have broadband access at home. 

The Isaac Elementary School district shares a similar off-set. Plus, more than 85 percent of its students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. But, help to keep them learning even off campus is here.

Phoenix's Isaac School District is partnering with ASU’s University Technology Office and Watts College to launch a "Digital Equity Pilot" to connect the unconnected.

"We're excited to bring learning for an opportunity for all of our students. We're doing it with the ASU's University Technology Office and Watts College to be able to extend the Wi-Fi to the homes of some of our students," Perez said.

"TekCompass” helped install antennas to create a connection between these students and their virtual classes.

"The goal is expanding that, so that all our students have internet and Wi-Fi access at home, so they can learn remotely and off hours," he added.

The hope is to close the digital divide, Perez added, the collaboration will be a game changer for young kids, who are still largely online.

"We've been meeting with the various people involved, project managers and those installing the hard ware to ensure we can support these folks and long term support of the program," Perez said.

In just a matter of days, multiple antennas were installed at Moya Elementary and several student homes with just a slight challenge along the way.

"Line of sight, this type of technology is very much directional, so it's getting up on a ladder and saying can I see the roof line from here," he mentioned.

Ultimately, district leaders lending a technical helping hand to students, so that no one falls behind and can learn from their home base.

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