PHOENIX - Chicanos Por La Causa has selected four Arizona recipients of the Esperanza Latino Teacher of the Year award.

These teachers exemplified outstanding skills and inspire students in the classroom.

The 18th Annual Esperanza Latino teacher awards program recognizes educators and their impact within the community despite the challenges that many educators face.

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This year’s recipients are:

Iris Telfer

Iris began his career as a special education teacher in 1999. She has worked with students with a wide range of learning difficulties in reading, math, and writing, combined with severe emotional disturbance aggression, general care, behavioral difficulties, serious language delays and autism.

Iris is an excellent teacher showing a natural ability to teach that always gives students her best as an educator. She strives to achieve a thorough understanding of each student to highlight their potential and never focus on their limitations.

Gina Nunez Covarrubias

Since childhood, her parents instilled in her the value of education and for more than 30 years of dedication to teaching, Covarrubias has encouraged and strengthened the interest of students to obtain a higher education.

Her passion for teaching has transcended with communication links, respect and admiration of those who were her students and who sometimes visit to express their gratitude. For fifteen years, she taught English language learners in the Roosevelt School District, where she always felt identified because she had to learn the language when she entered at Yuma High School in Yuma. Currently, Covarrubias coaches teachers in writing.

Jose "Cach" Snook

Snook has made a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of Flowing Wells students. He teaches much more than music -- he teaches students self-confidence, teamwork, and the importance of following one’s passion and dreams.

He shows passion on helping each student achieve beyond their own expectations and he has developed extraordinary talent in planning and executing lessons which engage all the students all the time. He motivates his colleagues to succeed and enjoy all parts of education as well.

His infectious passion and charisma have a profound impact on the climate and culture at Flowing Wells Junior High.

Brenda Cruz

Despite growing up in a home where sometimes there was a need to burn candles for lack of electricity and her father had to seek employment far away from home, Brenda always retains her optimistic vision of life that she transmits to her students today.

In her 18 years of teaching, Brenda has positively impacted 3,000 middle school students in Spanish language and cultural areas. She focuses not only on providing instruction but also on personal and emotional needs in the development of adolescents.

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Recipients will be honored at the 18th annual special awards dinner in October.