PHOENIX — July 5th is usually the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. The fireworks scare dogs away from their home and many end up in shelters.

“On an average day we could see anywhere from 80 to 100, but on a day like today we could see double or triple that amount," said Jose Santiago, MCACC spokesman.

Dogs at the shelters are visibly still shaking and nervous, waiting for their owners to claim them.

“They come in here and we hold them for up to 72 hours. After that we place them up for adoption," said Santiago.

That is why it is crucial to follow a few steps to make sure you find your animal quickly if it is lost, that includes visiting all the major animal shelters in the valley.

“Report your animal missing, walk the aisles, see if you spot them in any of our kennels," said Santiago.

If you don’t see them, this is the next step.

“Start placing signs in and around your neighborhood, use social media, it can be very powerful," said Santiago.

It’s important to include an updated photo of your pet and also you with your pet for an easier ID match. If your dog is micro-chipped, your chances of reuniting is 10 times greater with less hassle.

“If they find a microchip or license on the dog, we will go ahead and make a positive id and take the dog directly home, they will never end up in a shelter," said Santiago.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officers will be out until 10:00 p.m. Thursday looking for stray dogs.

One more helpful tool, utilize the map on It shows locations, photos and details of all the stray animals found in the past three days.