PHOENIX — Police arrested a woman in Phoenix Monday for driving under the influence while holding her child.

According to court documents, Simone Bajarano got into an argument with another driver while driving in the area of 7th Street and Northern Avenue. She then hit the curb of the sidewalk and wall at a nearby business as she was trying to drive away.

Police say she was holding her child while driving. 

Officers caught up with Bajarano and pulled her over. She smelled of alcohol and she was slurring her words and had bloodshot eyes, according to court documents. Officers found an open bottle of alcohol in the back seat of Bajarano's car. 

Bajarano initially refused any sobriety tests and refused to give officers her real, full name, court documents say. Eventually officers conducted a sobriety test and arrested her. She is facing several charges including driving under the influence with a child passenger, child abuse and obstruction.