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Woman arrested for allegedly shooting suspected Circle K beer thief

The woman told officials she shot the alleged thief after he attempted to steal a case of beer Saturday afternoon in west Phoenix.

PHOENIX — A woman has been arrested on one count of aggravated assault after police said she shot a man who was allegedly trying to steal merchandise from a Circle K store in west Phoenix. 

Miriam Shekhmoos, 41, was arrested by the Phoenix Police Department on Saturday after shooting a man in his arm and chest, seriously injuring him. 

Shekhmoos told officials she was trying to stop the man from leaving while he was attempting to steal a case of beer from the Circle K near Dunlap and 35th avenues.

Police said Shekhmoos was sitting in her vehicle at the Circle K when she saw the man pull up and put on a black mask. Shekhmoos told detectives she recognized the man from her apartment complex as someone who's had multiple encounters with law enforcement. 

Officials said Shekhmoos followed the man inside the store and told the clerk, who she also knew, that she believed the man was going to steal something. Police said the clerk revealed the man had previously stolen beer from the store on different occasions.

Shekhmoos proceeded to stand in front of the door to block the man as he was leaving, police said. As the man approached the door, Shekhmoos claims she told him she was not allowing him to leave and to not come any closer because she had a gun.

Officers said the man allegedly pushed Shekhmoos with his chest and beer, nearly knocking her down.

The man began to exit the Circle K on foot with the beer when police said Shekhmoos shot him.

Police said Shekhmoos admitted to detectives that she shot the man while he was walking away because he assaulted her by pushing past her. 

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