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Body camera video shows Phoenix police firing shots at armed suspect inside 7-Eleven

The shooting happened on September 22, only the suspect was injured.

PHOENIX — Customers of a 7-Eleven are seen on video running for shelter after Phoenix police officers shot at an armed suspect who entered the store last month near 31st Avenue and Greenway Road.

The Department released the body-camera video and store surveillance on Thursday from a September 22 incident that resulted in the arrest of 22-year-old Isaiah Ries Manning.

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The incident began when the suspect’s mother called 911 and said her son had been “acting peculiar and [stated] demons were after him” before he left their house with several guns, court records said.

“My son just left the house,” the woman said to the dispatcher. “Left our house with a lot of weapons, he went down to the right, and we just heard a shot.”

In the video released by Phoenix police, another person is heard also calling 911 about the incident.

“I have a friend who’s been having issues with a son that she thinks is having a psychiatric break,” the woman said. “And he just took off with some guns, and they heard gunfire in the neighborhood. He is not in his right mind.”

Court records said the suspect's father followed him and relayed his location to police through his mom. Manning’s mother told the dispatcher her son “was anti-police,” arresting documents said.

Officers were able to track Manning down, who was then by a parking lot near the 7-Eleven.

Surveillance video showed Manning walking toward the store, and at least three customers are feet away from him.

In arrest documents, officers said they got out of their vehicles and “attempted to contact” Manning but said he refused to stop or obey commands.

One officer went to his vehicle and retrieved his pepper ball gun, but that’s when the officer ran back to Manning and saw him “quickly proceeding north toward the 7-Eleven,” records said.

“Believing Isaiah was armed and had already fired his gun, officers feared individuals in the 7-Eleven would become hostages or victims of a violent crime if he was not stopped,” arrest documents said.

Body-camera video showed the officer switching from the pepper ball gun to his handgun, and as Manning entered the store, he fired eight rounds.

Another officer was armed with a stung bag shotgun, but he did not fire, the document said.

A third officer on scene fired one shot toward Manning.

Inside the store, surveillance video showed there were several customers and the store clerk, who were feet away from the suspect, when bullets, and glass that shattered the windows, began to fly inside the store.

A customer is seen on video standing at the check-out counter when the barrage of bullets begins. He ducks out of the way, as does another customer who walked past Manning. The store clerk hides behind the counter, and two other people outside run out of the way.

Video shows Manning continue walking inside the store as the bullets were flying by. He falls to the ground a few feet into the store.

Manning was shot in both arms and left side, court records said. He was taken to a hospital.

Officers said they found multiple handguns, extended magazines, and other weapons in his backpack.

Records said more weapons were found at his home.

On September 28, Manning was discharged from the hospital and later booked into jail. He faces two counts of prohibited weapon charges.

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