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Uber driver arrested, accused of raping passenger in Scottsdale

Mark Anthony Taylor, 31, faces charges of felony kidnapping and sexual assault.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Scottsdale police say officers arrested an Uber driver for allegedly sexually assaulting a passenger on Friday night. 

Mark Anthony Taylor, 31, faces charges of felony kidnapping and sexual assault. 

The female victim's friend reportedly told police the incident happened after the victim left Old Town Scottsdale for a house party at a friend's Airbnb. The victim was noticeably intoxicated and her friend called her an Uber ride home. 

When the Uber driver arrived in a black Toyota Corolla, the victim's friend said he told the driver she was intoxicated and needed to get home safe. 

The friend checked his Uber app about 10 to 15 minutes later and it appeared the driver, later identified as Taylor, was circling a nearby neighborhood and then stopped at an address that was not the victim's address, her friend told investigators. But the app said the ride was completed. 

Her friend ran to the last location the app showed the car was, followed by another friend who drove to the location. 

Investigators said the friend saw Taylor on top of the victim and both of them were not wearing pants. 

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The friend banged on the passenger side window and Taylor jumped off the victim back to the driver's side of the car, court documents alleged. Taylor then pulled up his pants.

After a brief verbal altercation with the victim's friend, Taylor drove off.  

Her friend took the victim home and they told her mother what happened. Her mother then called police and reported it. 

The victim was examined by a forensic nurse. Investigators said she could not answer many questions because she was still intoxicated. She later told investigators she could not remember being at the house party and her next memory was being contacted by police at her house. 

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Court paperwork said investigators found out Taylor's car was rented and tracked him down two days later. 

He allegedly confirmed to investigators he was an Uber driver and responded to a pick up at the Airbnb that night. 

Taylor also admitted to police he noticed she had to be carried out to the car, she was slurring her speech and her friend told him the victim was intoxicated, according to court paperwork. 

Taylor claimed the victim initiated the sexual contact by touching his arm and side. The victim asked him to buy condoms, according to the statement Taylor made to police. 

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Taylor reportedly told investigators he got condoms and drove to a secluded area. He said they then had sex, even though the victim could not hold herself up on her own, according to court paperwork. 

Taylor reportedly told investigators he was wrong and should had just taken her home. 

An Uber spokesperson told 12 News as soon as they found out about the incident they removed Taylor from the platform. 

And Uber said they are working with police. 

“What’s been reported is sickening and our thoughts are with the rider during this difficult time. We immediately deactivated the driver and stand ready to work with law enforcement," a spokesperson with Uber said. 

The state requested a $250,000 bond stating Taylor is a danger to society, court paperwork said. 

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