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Family left searching for answers 30 years after Gilbert mother's disappearance

Lisa Jameson disappeared in November of 1991, leaving her family, including her son who was 2 years old at the time, left searching for what happened to her.
Credit: Kyle Collins

GILBERT, Ariz. — November marks 30 years since a Gilbert mother went missing.

At the time, Gilbert police said Lisa Jameson was married, had a 2-year-old son and was believed to be pregnant.

Jameson’s family said despite the time that’s passed, they still think about her every day.

“It’s been incredibly difficult, it doesn’t get easier,” Bajbet Free, Lisa Jameson’s niece said. “We all love her, we all miss her. We’ve stuck together as a family trying to find out what happened. We want to know.”

A woman filled with joy

There is something about Lisa Jameson that her sister, Dr. Treva Free-Kimbrough said has been missing from their family.

“There’s always that hole knowing that Lisa’s not with us,” Free-Kimbrough said.

Free-Kimbrough describes Jameson as a woman filled with joy.

“Total and complete joy,” Free-Kimbrough said.

Gilbert police said Jameson went missing in November of 1991 at 23-years-old.

Over the past three decades, Jameson’s mannerisms have stuck with her sister.

“She had the most beautiful smile and she loved to laugh,” Free-Kimbrough said.

While a teenager at the time, Bajbet Free, Free-Kimbrough’s daughter and Jameson’s niece, remembers her aunt well.

“I admired her and I looked up to her. She was like my best friend,” Free said. “I was only 15, but she was my best friend.”

At the time of her disappearance, Jameson’s son, Kyle Collins, was two-years-old.

It's been the memories of his family and pictures that have helped him learn what his mom is like. 

“I know exactly who she is,” Collins said.

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Her disappearance

Gilbert police say it was November 4, 1991, when Jameson was last seen in Chandler dropping off a co-worker near McQueen Rd. and Chandler Blvd.

Police said her 1989 Pontiac LeMans wasn’t found until almost a month later on December 3 in Phoenix. They said no evidence was found in her vehicle related to her disappearance.

“We searched for my sister every single day,” Free-Kimbrough said. “We searched in ditches, we searched in nightclubs, we went to places she would frequent like restaurants.”

Jameson has never been found, and police said her personal belongings were left behind at her home, with no money taken out of her bank account.

“You feel like you’re just at a loss because you don’t have any answers,” Free-Kimbrough said.

Jameson's niece recalls the time as 'chaotic.'

“Everybody was scrambling looking for her wondering where she was,” Free said.

Now 30 years later, the family is left with questions, and without Jameson.

“We need to know. It’s been a long time. We need to know, especially for Kyle,” Free said.

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Questions left unanswered

Collins said over his lifetime he’s been trying to piece together what happened to his mom in honor of her.

“It’s super important for me to get to the bottom of this,” Collins said.

Free-Kimbrough said the situation has left the family wanting answers and further investigation of the case.

“Lisa would not leave, and she definitely would not leave her son because she loved her son so much,” Free-Kimbrough said.

“There definitely hasn’t been enough done. The ball’s been dropped in a few different situations,” Collins said. “With that being said it’s all in God’s time.”

In response to 12 News’ questions about the case, a Gilbert Police Department spokesperson said:

The case involving the disappearance of Lisa Jameson continues to be actively worked by a Gilbert Police Person’s detectives’ Unit. Any and every lead is investigated for any possible answers to her disappearance.  Although it’s been 30 years, we are working this case covering any lead that comes forward. Our hopes are to rekindle any person’s recollection of Mrs. Jameson’s disappearance. Resources from other law enforcement agencies, in state and out of state, have been utilized throughout this investigation throughout the years. We are hoping this news story and the internet can help with any further information to this case. There are currently no persons of interest identified in this case.

Free-Kimbrough said she and her family are left with concerns.

“We wonder what happened to her. I do believe someone has taken her life,” Free-Kimbrough said.

“Justice for us would be prosecuting the person who’s responsible for this and anyone who helped them to bring my family closure,” Collins said.

Gilbert police are asking anyone with information regarding Jameson’s disappearance to call them at (480) 503-6500.

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