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Teens arrested for allegedly breaking into several cars in Buckeye

Buckeye police tracked down the teen burglary suspects with a GPS tracking device on a phone.

BUCKEYE, Ariz. — Three teenagers are accused of breaking into several cars in a Buckeye neighborhood. Police tracked them down using a GPS tracking app from a stolen phone.

John Gomez is one of four people in a Buckeye neighborhood off Yuma Road and Jackrabbit Trail who reported items missing from their cars on Sunday. 

Gomez didn’t realize he was a victim of theft until he noticed some bags missing from his car, then he remembered he left his car unlocked.

“That’s when I realized someone took stuff out of my car,” says Gomez.

Once Gomez realized what happened, he tracked his work phone that was in one the stolen bags. Little did he know his bags and phone were just a block away.

“It was very surprising,” says Gomez.

After police showed up, they heard Gomez’ phone ringing inside a nearby garage with his stuff. They arrested Noah Covarrubias, Jason Hughes and Paul Tanley.

Police say they admitted to stealing from a dozen cars. Court documents reveal Hughes says he did it because he’s “broke.” 

Police say they also found him with a stolen gun from the Glendale Police Department.

Over in Chandler, police are warning of similar break-ins into unlocked cars.

Gomez’s neighbor says the incidents are a good reminder to keep everything locked up.

“There’s never an excuse. If you do something you have to take responsibility for it and learn from it,” says Gomez.

The teenagers are facing burglary and theft charges, and Hughes is facing an extra gun possession charge. Their next court appearance is set for next week.