PHOENIX — Two men who, police say, are responsible for the shooting death of a man in north Phoenix last week have been arrested. 

According to court documents, Michael Warner and Matthew Zawacky along with unidentified suspects were involved in the home invasion that resulted in the death of 50-year-old Travis Dunham.

Warner, according to the documents, knew Dunham and planned the armed robbery.

According to court paperwork, Warner bought drugs from Dunham "regularly" as Dunham was "known to possess large quantities of drugs and money" inside his home near North Valley Parkway and Casino Avenue.

Court documents show on the night of the home invasion, Warner drove to Dunham's home and "pretended to make his usual visit." Once there, Warner sent a message to Zawacky's phone to "initiate" the home invasion.

Zawacky, armed with a handgun, and other unknown suspects entered Dunham's home through the garage "demanding property," court paperwork said.

The group ordered Dunham to the ground and restrained him. Three additional residents were also ordered to the ground at gunpoint, according to court documents.

Court paperwork shows the home's residents were ushered into a bedroom by Zawacky and the other suspects. Zawacky, according to court records, shot and killed two dogs inside the home.

At some point, court documents show Dunham was able to break free of his restraints and grab a firearm. He shot Zawacky who fired back, killing Dunham.

Warner, Zawacky and the other suspects fled the scene. According to court paperwork, Warner later contacted police saying he was a victim.

Zawacky, a convicted felon in Arizona, left behind blood evidence at the scene due to his gunshot wound. Court paperwork shows he received medical treatment for the wound where he was later located and arrested by detectives.

According to court documents, Zawacky told witnesses about what had happened and that the entire incident was planned by Warner.

Court records show witnesses told police Warner attempted to recruit individuals for the armed robbery against Dunham two months ago, and he detailed the plan for the robbery just as it transpired in the incident.

During Warner's initial court appearance, Dunham's daughter spoke out against him.

She broke down when she said Warner murdered her father and killed two of her dogs.

She then called Warner a coward saying "he was robbing my father and was too coward to admit it."

"He left his truck outside my home for a whole not after he did it and had his family come pick it up for him the next morning," she said.

Warner asked if he could speak but then changed his mind and just stood in front of the judge.