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Porch pirate caught on camera and confronted by Phoenix homeowner

“You cannot walk on somebody’s property and steal."

PHOENIX — Chelsea Love was working at her Phoenix home when she was alerted that UPS had dropped off a package at her door Wednesday afternoon. Shortly after, she got a second alert.

“On my Ring app, it alerted me that there’s a person detected, which is incredibly odd,” Love explained.

Her camera caught an unidentified woman just casually walking up to her door while talking with someone over the speakerphone and then bends over to pick up the package sitting outside Chelsea’s door.

“Then I opened the door, and I didn’t see my package – I’m in my pajamas – I was ‘ok, what’s going on here?’ Then I see her put something down behind my trash can,” she said.

She double-checked the Ring app, and it confirmed the woman had taken her package.

Chelsea can be heard on the video yelling, “Go! And do not come back here. You understand?”

“She was still standing there and that’s when I got upset,” she explained.

There was no verbal exchange, and the suspect just played dumb. Despite the anger and frustration of the moment, Chelsea still showed a little empathy for the would-be thief.

She can be heard in the video yelling, “If you need help, ask. Don’t steal.” Then she walks back to her home with the package.

“The car was really beat down. There was a broken window or something like that. It looked like she may have had some other packages,” she said. “She needed something. I would’ve given her something, but you don’t take and don’t steal.”

Chelsea did report it to the police but so far the would-be thief has not been caught.

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