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2 now arrested for allegedly shooting at 2 men, killing one in Phoenix drive-by

Police say one of the suspects worked with two women at a liquor store. When they got off at 2 a.m., the suspects followed the women and their boyfriends.
Credit: Phoenix PD

PHOENIX — Police made a second arrest in a Feb. 16 shooting that killed one man and put another man, who is expected to survive, in critical condition. 

After arresting 24-year-old Gabriel Munoz in connection to the homicide on 75th Avenue and Osborn on Sunday, police arrested Munoz's girlfriend, Vanessa Ozuno. 

According to police, two female coworkers were picked up from work by their boyfriends when they got off work at a liquor store at 2 a.m. Munoz works at the liquor store with those two women. 

Police say one of the women offended Ozuna two weeks before the shooting, calling her an expletive. Ozuna told Munoz about the incident.

At one point, the victims realized they were being followed by Munoz and his girlfriend. 

Attempting to evade Munoz, the victims turned into a dead-end cul-de-sac, police said. There, Munoz exited his vehicle holding a black handgun with a laser attachment. 

All four people in the Nissan exited their vehicle and tried to flee. Police say Munoz started shooting, but didn't hit anyone.

The two victims began shouting at Munoz to put the gun down and engage in a physical fight, police said.

Munoz walked back to his vehicle and got in the passenger seat with Ozuna in the driver's seat. Police say Munoz started shooting from the passenger seat of the vehicle. 

Police say Munoz shot both me, 32-year-old Juan Damian Diaz and another 25-year-old man. Diaz was pronounced dead on the scene and the other victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition but is expected to survive. 

Neither of the two women with the victims were injured, according to the police department. 

The women rushed to the victims to help and call 911 after Munoz and Ozuna drove away from the scene. Police said Munoz and Ozuna then turned around and came back to the scene.

Police say as the car drove, Munoz pointed the gun at one of the women and started shooting/ That's when one of the male victims pushed the woman out of the way and was struck two more times by Munoz. 

Police say Munoz also shot more at Diaz, who was motionless and unresponsive on the ground. 

Police used surveillance footage put Munoz and Ozuna's vehicle at the scene. 

After Ozuna was arrested, she told police the four victims were actually following her and Munoz after work that morning and flashing their high beams at them. 

Ozuna told police after the vehicles stopped, the two victims got out and removed their shirts and tried to incite a physical fight with Munoz. She told police the two victims damaged their windshield and passenger side blinker by striking it. 

Ozuna told officers she never saw Munoz with a gun or heard gunshots and they fled to go home. 

Munoz and Ozuna are charged with 1st degree murder, drive-by shooting and three counts of aggravated assault.