GILBERT, Ariz. — Police arrested a 19-year-old Gilbert man after his ex-girlfriend found out he posted two sexually explicit videos of her on, court documents say.

The videos had more than 28,000 views, according to court docs. The victim did not give anyone consent to distribute or disclose the videos. 

She suspected it was her ex-boyfriend, Devondre Williams, who posted the videos under the username "D6VONDR6." 

The victim called Williams and he admitted to posting the videos online without her consent and confirmed that was his account on, court docs say.

A detective had spoken with Williams on the phone multiple times since the victim had called him on Jan. 17, saying there was probable cause for his arrest. 

Court documents say Williams would not self-surrender. 

Williams was located and arrested on Feb. 7 and is charged with two counts of felony unlawful disclosure of film without consent.