PHOENIX — Phoenix police released a video that includes details on the standoff where a suspect died, two officers and to women were shot and eventually recovered.

The standoff took place at a home near 285th Street and Roeser Road. 

The video includes two 911 calls, the first one was on Nov. 2, 2019, before 8 p.m. from a caller who wanted to remain anonymous and said a woman was hit on her face by her son who, according to the caller, was armed with a “big gun.”

“He hit his mom in the face and he has a gun in the house,” the anonymous caller said to the 911 dispatcher.

Video shows bodycam footage when the officers visited the house. No one opened the door to the officers and a woman inside said she was okay.

The second 911 call included on the video is saying that Michael Austin, 32, punched his mother and the 69-year-old woman needed medical attention, according to the video, the second call was received at 11:22 p.m.

“My brother-in-law has barricaded himself in the house with a gun and he's talking crazy,” said the caller.

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During the video, a dispatcher can be heard on the bodycam video saying shots were fired and police officers approached the house. This time, it got chaotic. 

Fearing the family is in danger, officers go through the backyard, break a window and someone said they got the scene. Some shots were fired from inside the house, the officers backed up and the camera footage ends.

Sgt. Mercedes Fortune explains the Special Assignments Unit took over since Austin was firing shots and didn’t respond to the officers’ instructions to get out of the house.

Fortune said the SAU officers were not equipped with body cameras and go over what happened next with pictures from the scene and animated images.

Phoenix police said shots were fired through the back window at 12:16 a.m. on Nov. 3, then again at 12:20 a.m. inside the house, more shots shot at 12:21 a.m.

Police said at 12:26 a.m. pepper balls were shot inside the house to force Austin to get out, more shots were fired shortly after.

At about 12:30 a.m., police said surrounding homes in the area were evacuated.

SAU officers tried to communicate with Austin and victims inside the house, police said he refused to talk to officers and to let people inside the house to do so.

Police said a negotiator tied to talk to Austin from 1 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. but he refused, the audio is also included in the video.

Police said on the video that at 4:39 a.m. another gunshot was fire and the SAU officers decided to go inside to house to rescue the victims.

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Austin was seen by officers with a gun in a rear bedroom, according to the video, an officer shot at Austin and missed him.

Another officer said Austin had run to the front of the house firing at officers as they tried entering through the front door. Police said two officers shot at Austin, striking him.

Police said the two women were also hit by fragments from the officers' gunfire.

An officer was also injured by gunfire and another officer was bitten by a K-9. All are recovering from their injuries, police said.  

Austin was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said they determined Austin shot about 25 rounds while using two firearms. Police said they also found additional weapons throughout the house.  

Police said four officers fired their weapons during the standoff, ranging from 37 to 52 years of age and from 3 to 31 years of service.