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Phoenix Police Department asking for help as Street Racing has spread throughout some of the Valley

Multiple departments have started working together as the problem has spread around the metro area

PHOENIX — Dangerous car stunts and street racing across the Valley. It's become a growing problem and police departments are now cracking down.

The Phoenix Police Department released almost a minute of footage last week showing some of the dangers presented by these street racers. 

The need for speed and the need to show off puts everyone around these drivers at risk. Law enforcement agencies Valleywide are now getting thousands of dollars to slow down street racing before it costs more lives.

“They are doing donuts, they are doing burnouts,” Sgt. Mercedes Fortune, Phoenix Police Department said. 

The scene can look like something out of a Fast and Furious movie, but in reality, these are not carefully controlled stunts.

“It’s extremely dangerous,” Sgt. Fortune said.

The video shows folks falling out of cars, getting hit and even appearing to be knocked out cold.

“They are causing accidents, collisions and get people hurt,” Sgt. Fortune said. “There have been a couple of fatalities from street racing.”

Glendale has started their own efforts to put a stop to the practice. At times, officers watch security cameras at intersections to help enforce driving ordinances.

The reality is police can have a hard time catching folks. At these events, hundreds of people can attend. Making it hard for officers to get to the people truly responsible. 

“We've had some vehicles traveling between 80 to hundred miles an hour," Fortune said.

Police hope more attention may put a stop to it, if you see something happen, call 9-1-1.

“We are going to be out there,” Fortune said.

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