Chandler police say they arrested a Phoenix mother after her 3-year-old son was seen alone outside an apartment complex looking for her Thursday. 

An officer responded to the area of Ray and Dobson roads and found a little boy in front of an apartment complex just before 1 a.m. 

The officer said the boy was looking for his mother Ashley. She would later be identified as 27-year-old Ashley Patricia Altman of Phoenix. 

According to court documents, the officer walked along Dobson Road with the boy to a nearby apartment complex. The boy was able to identify his mother's car in the parking lot and officers got her information off the registration. 

The officer showed Altman's MVD picture and the boy responded "Mommy." 

The boy then walked the officer to the door of an apartment unit, he said "mom's here", according to the officer's account. 

The door was reportedly locked and hard knocks at the door went unanswered, police say. 

That's when Phoenix police were contacted. Phoenix police were able to give the officers the phone numbers of both Altman and the boy's father because they recently responded to call involving them. 

The phone calls to Altman went unanswered but eventually, police got a hold of the boy's father.

Three hours passed before Altman finally called the police department. Police say she had no idea her son was gone and didn't hear the knocking, according to police. 

Altman is facing one count of felony child abuse.