PHOENIX — A Phoenix man is behind bars, accused of sexually abusing and assaulting a woman at a bus stop near the State Capitol. 

Court paperwork states a woman was at a bus stop at 21st Avenue and Van Buren Street on March 5 when Darick Steverson allegedly came up behind her and put her in a headlock. 

According to paperwork, Steverson then started punching the woman and pulling her hair. 

He then kissed and licked her face while telling her, "You're gonna have all my babies," the documents say.

Additionally, court paperwork says Steverson then pulled down her shirt, exposing both her breasts, and grabbed each of them tightly while thrusting his pelvis at her. 

The attack lasted about 15 minutes, during which the victim reportedly screamed for help. 

However, police say when Steverson dragged the woman closer to the Circle K, a good Samaritan intervened and the woman was able to get away. 

Police arrived and arrested Steverson, who is facing aggravated assault and sex abuse charges, as well as other charges.