PHOENIX — Some east Phoenix area residents are scared to leave their kids at home for fear of an unknown burglar.

One woman who lives in the Arcadia/Scottsdale area spoke with 12 News, but wanted to stay anonymous. She and her neighbors shared their surveillance videos of the suspect with 12 News.

“A house had been hit about one block away from here, so I went on (the smartphone application) Nextdoor and sent her a message because her footage was the same guy as hit us,” the woman said.

She believed the man may have been casing homes in the area.

“He was in our house at 10:30 and it’s summer and we have [two boys] and they could have easily been home with the nanny. And that’s what’s scary to me.”

The suspect got away with two safes, the woman said. She told 12 News they were filled with personal documents and jewelry.

She said her family is keeping an extra careful eye on their safety now.  

That includes moving surveillance cameras, using alarm systems, and implementing a personal identification safety system.

If you have any information about who this man might be, contact Phoenix Police.