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Mother of missing child may have monitored son's class after he disappeared

It's been more than four months since JJ and Tylee, children of Lori Vallow, have last been seen.

PHOENIX — It's been more than four months since JJ and Tylee have last been seen. The children's mother has yet to turn over the children, in violation of a court order deadline two weeks ago. 

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However, Lori Vallow may still be monitoring what is going on. 

According to JJ's school, the Laurens Institute For Education, Vallow has logged into Bloomz – an app used for parents and teachers to communicate –several times since he was pulled out of the school.  

In an email, the school said in part:

"Some of these instances occurred around Thanksgiving, when the story of JJ’s and Tylee’s disappearance broke before Christmas, and most recently up to last week when we found this out and removed her access to the application. We cannot speculate as to why Lori or someone using her accounts or electronics would continue to follow the classroom or our organization during this time frame.

Laurens Institute For Education continues to post two yellow ribbons, one for JJ and one for Tylee, in support of their safe return. In addition, staff members continue to wear yellow ribbons. It was an honor and a privilege to serve JJ, we were sad when he was withdrawn. We were devastated to learn he was missing in early December. We all want JJ safely returned. JJ was a very happy little boy and he felt emotions very strongly while with us. JJ was diagnosed with Autism, yet he was verbal and was able to express himself. You knew when he was happy and when he was sad. We want to believe he is well and will return home soon."

In a follow-up email to 12 News, the Laurens institute for education said Vallow logged on "countless" times.

The case of 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and his 17-year-old adopted sister Tylee Ryan has gripped the country as they still have yet to be found. 

The pair have not been seen or heard from since September, but authorities did not know that they were missing until more recently.

Their mother, Lori Vallow, and her new husband, Chad Daybell, have not been arrested in their disappearances, but have been considered persons of interest.

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Vallow and Daybell had said that Joshua was in Arizona, but police believe that was a lie.

Vallow and Daybell were most recently spotted by reporters in Hawaii last month and have since failed to produce the children for a Jan. 30 deadline in Idaho.

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Before the children went missing, Vallow’s estranged husband was shot and killed by her brother in self-defense in Chandler last July and Daybell’s wife Tammy was found dead in her home in October.

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Vallow and Daybell married just weeks after Tammy was found dead. Her death was initially ruled as “natural,” but it has since been considered “suspicious” after new evidence surfaced.

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