MESA, Ariz. — A man faces multiple charges after police said they found him driving with nearly three times the legal blood alcohol content with his baby unsecured in the backseat.

Police arrested 25-year-old Todd Spottedbear of Tempe on suspicion of extreme DUI on Saturday.  

According to court documents, Mesa police responded to a call on Saturday that a vehicle was swerving and nearly caused an accident. Police stopped the vehicle near South Longmore and Southern Avenue.

The officer who conducted the stop said he saw an empty airplane shooter of 99 Bananas Schnapps and an open container of Jose Cuervo in the vehicle.

Spottedbear’s son, who is less than a year old, was in an unsecured car seat on top of the right rear seat, according to court documents.

Police records show a preliminary breath test revealed a blood alcohol content of .226.

Court documents say Spottedbear admitted to drinking five travel-size bottles of the 99 Bananas about two hours prior to the traffic stop. 

Spottedbear was charged with aggravated DUI with a passenger under 15, extreme DUI, endangering the life or health of a minor and reckless child abuse.