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Man conspired to murder wife with fentanyl and elope with mistress, Mesa police say

Dallas Anthony Michaels allegedly conspired for months to use fentanyl to poison his wife, police say.
Credit: Mesa Police Department
Dallas Anthony Michaels

MESA, Ariz. — “Six months behind on everything and one year into something else.”

That’s how an Arizona man described his marriage as investigators say he plotted to kill his wife and elope with his mistress.

Dallas Anthony Michaels allegedly conspired for months to use fentanyl to poison his wife, according to a report from the Mesa Police Department released Tuesday.

Michaels was in contact with a friend who said he was trying to acquire the drugs from her with the intent of killing his wife in order to collect insurance money and then marry another woman he was involved in a long-term affair with.

The friend didn’t believe Michaels until a separate incident where he was arrested in March for impersonating an FBI agent to extort a bar owner, police say.

Michaels allegedly set a deadline of July 11 to kill his wife, but he moved it up to the end of June during a family vacation to California.

Text messages between Michaels and his friend showed that he intended on "doing it then,” and he pleaded for his friend to acquire the drugs.

“If you come across anything in the next few days please for the love of God let me know, otherwise it’s going to be a long thought process on that 6 hour drive,” investigators say Michaels wrote.

At that point, the friend reached out to police who then launched an investigation. During a recorded conversation, police say Michaels wanted to acquire the drugs for $30 per pill and that he was “1,000% committed" to his plan.

Police say Michaels sent a text message reading, “If you can grab me 5 MG pills and like an 1/8th of weed, should be like $200. I’ll give you $300.”

At that point, police contacted Michaels stating his martial arts studio had been burglarized, and he was arrested upon his arrival.

Michaels faces one count each of conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to possess narcotics.

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