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Man arrested for threatening to shoot up Glendale college after admin suspended him

Authorities say they detained 30-year-old Tony Tran one hour before he had planned to commit a shooting at Glendale's Midwestern University.
Credit: Glendale Police

GLENDALE, Ariz. — A 30-year-old man was arrested on Monday after he allegedly made threats to shoot up a dental school in Glendale that had recently suspended him. 

Tony Q. Tran was taken into custody by the Glendale Police Department at 9 a.m. on Monday -- one hour before he was scheduled to meet with Midwestern University's dean of students, according to reports.

Earlier that morning, Tran's family told authorities about a video he had allegedly recorded that showed him making violent threats about the university, a police report shows.

Tran told his family in the video that he was planning to get arrested and seek help for mental health problems.

Investigators pulled Tran over as he was driving toward Glendale and found him in possession of a loaded handgun, according to reports.

Midwestern University, located near 59th Avenue and Utopia Road, was forced to go on lockdown after administrators were notified of the possible threats. 

The program Tran was enrolled in was scheduled to have students take their final exam on Monday, which had to be canceled due to the threats. 

Tran was arrested on one count of terrorism, one count of terroristic threats, and one count of interfering with an educational institution.

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