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New court documents accuse hospital employee of trying to manipulate Lori Vallow Daybell case

Allegedly told Vallow to call the Church of Latter-Day Saints legal counsel.

IDAHO, USA — Another twist in the Lori Vallow Daybell as her attorney accuses a health worker of manipulating the case and an attorney of potentially sharing privileged information.

As it stands now, Lori and her current husband, Chad Daybell, are both in custody in Idaho. They're each facing a variety of charges connected to the deaths of Lori's children Tylee and JJ and Chad's first wife Tammy Daybell.

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Lori is also facing a conspiracy to commit murder charge in Maricopa County for the death of her late husband Charles Vallow.

Lori's case is put on hold as she has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. 

New court documents claim while in an Idaho state mental healthcare facility, a clinician gave Lori Vallow Daybell “homework” and the phone number to contact the church of latter-day saints legal office.

Vallow-Daybell completed the assignment calling attorney Daniel McConkie.

Vallow-Daybell's attorney claimed that McConkie said he knew "every detail of her case" and bragged about his decades-long experience. The filing states Vallow-Daybell made "disclosures she would not have without these assurances."

McConkie is not licensed to practice law in Idaho. According to Lori-Vallow's attorney, McConkie then called the prosecutor and allegedly discuss the call and Vallow-Daybell's statements. 

In the court filing, Vallow-Daybell's attorney suggests the LDS church may be working with the prosecution to hurt Vallow-Daybell's case. 

The prosecution denies the claims made in the document. In a joint statement, Fremont County Prosecuting Attorney Lindsey Blake and Madison County Prosecuting Attorney Rob Wood said:  

"The State will continue to focus on pursuing justice on behalf of the victims. We will address the unfounded claims by one of Ms. Daybell’s defense attorneys in a court of law — not in the media. 

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Filings of this nature are traditionally sealed and handled in confidential proceedings. Litigating such matters publicly can compromise both parties’ right to a fair trial and compromise various individuals’ rights to privacy. The mental health issues and investigations are not suited for the court of public opinion."

In a statement, Mr. McConkie's office said: On October 6, 2021, Kirton McConkie received an unsolicited call from Lori Daybell seeking assistance. Kirton McConkie informed Mrs. Daybell that it could not provide advice or representation and directed her to the State Bar of Idaho or the court if she needed assistance in finding an attorney.

Subsequent calls with her counsel and the prosecutor confirmed the unsolicited contact."

“An attorney is allowed to take the call and listen. But they shouldn't reveal any confidential information to anybody. " Benjamin Taylor, a phoenix a criminal defense attorney said. "Right now these motions are to protect Lori's Vallow and make sure none of this sees the light of day."

The decision on how to proceed now rests with a judge. You can read the court filing here.

Lori Vallow case involving missing kids:

The mystery behind the case involving Lori Vallow and her missing kids continues to grow. It's a complex story that spans several months across many states.