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Judge to rule after man planned to kill Green Power Ranger

A bench trial was held Thursday in the case stemming from the thwarted attack at Phoenix Comicon in 2017.

Jason David Frank enjoys the thrill of skydiving and breaking boards with his hands. What happened at Phoenix Comicon in 2017 scared him.

Frank is the actor behind the Green Power Ranger and White Power Ranger in TV shows and movies. Frank was at Phoenix Comicon, now called Phoenix Fan Fusion, meeting fans.

Mathew Sterling also came to Phoenix Comicon. Police say Sterling had a reminder on his phone: "Kill Jason David Frank."

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Sterling was arrested in a struggle with Phoenix police officers inside the event. Police were tipped off to social media threats made by Sterling, police said.

Sterling had a loaded shotgun and three loaded handguns with him when he was arrested. He was also armed with a combat knife, pepper spray and throwing stars, police said.

Sterling intended to shoot police officers and Frank, according to police.

"I've already forgiven him," Frank told 12 News two months after the attack. "Do I want him to serve jail time and get mental help? Absolutely."

Sterling's bench trial was brief Thursday morning. Sterling has pleaded guilty but insane. Both sides submitted documents and are leaving it up to the judge.

The judge will make a ruling on if Sterling will be sent to jail, or to the Arizona State Hospital, or released.

Frank says he just wants to know one thing from Sterling.

"Why? Why me?"

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